Commercial Roof Repair

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New Philadelphia, OH | Massillon, OH | Canton, OH

When your roof is leaking or in disrepair, the results can be disastrous. Whether your roof has been damaged by a storm or by normal wear and tear, Triad Roofing and Services, LLC is here to help. We've have been offering commercial roofing repairs for years to local businesses. From metal roofs to rubber roofs to shingle roofs and beyond, we repair them all! Metal, shingles, rubber. We repair all acrylic roof coatings. We have 40 years of experience with professional installations of single ply rubber roofs. We can apply acrylic roof coatings over your existing single ply roofing at half the cost. We offer warranties on 5, 10 and 20 year systems.

In addition to offering our expertise when it comes to roof repairs, we can apply acrylic roof coatings. This coating can be applied over your existing single ply roofing at half the cost of a roof replacement! A roof coating can keep your roof looking great and lasting for years to come. We also provide warranties, including 5-, 10-, and 20-year systems. Call today for commercial roofing repairs in New Philadelphia, OH; Massillon, OH; Canton, OH and the surrounding area.

Signs You Need Commercial Roofing Repair

If your commercial building is having moisture problems, if your utility bills have been inexplicably climbing, or if your drains are clogging too easily, you might have problems with your roof. A closer examination can reveal further issues, such as bubbles, any sagging or low spots, or opening seams. If your building's roof is compromised, it will be necessary to replace it; even the smallest crack can completely undermine your building's structural integrity if left unattended too long. Flat commercial roofs are particularly susceptible to moisture damage, so regular inspections and fast interventions will make all the difference. Our professional roofing company offers fast, reliable roof repair service to the entire Massillon, New Philadelphia, and Canton, OH area. We can take a look at your commercial roof and determine whether any repairs are necessary. Then we will schedule and complete the necessary work with minimal disruption to your business. Reach out to us today to schedule an inspection!